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We can. We must. We will.   

 Our Hero Has Always Been The Superman.

Christopher Reeve passed away October 10, 2004,with his family at his side. We are sure that you share our sadness that his life and his important work have been cut short. Christopher was a hero to many people.
 Christopher Reeve死去。かつて、私が好きだったテレビ番組'Greatest American Hero' (Believe It Or Not)(mp3,WAV)の中で情けないスーパーマン・モドキが、かつてのヒーローと競演する"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys"という話を思い出す。
Believe it or not,I'm walking on air.I never thought I could feel so free.Flying away on a wing and a prayer.Who could it be?Believe it or not it's just me.
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation : Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Mourns the Death of its Chairman Christopher ReeveAmazon.co.jp: DVD: アメリカン・ヒーロー DVD-BOX 1 CourageGreatestAmericanHero.com
As Christopher himself once said,"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible,then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the will,they soon become inevitable." We can. We must. We will.


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