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Low Context Communication

  1. Absolute values
  2. Need for precision in language - words carry explict meaning
  3. Responsibility based on contract
  4. Agreements written don and records kept
  5. Well-timed interruptions that move the conversation forward accepted
  6. Decision-making ideally logical
  7. Uncomfortable with silence(indicates a breakdown of communication)

High Context Communication

  1. Relative values
  2. Tolerance of verbal ambiguity(non-verbal and coded communication)
  3. Responsibility based on general agreement
  4. Written agreements flexible according to circumstances
  5. Interruptions considered rude, particularly when made by a junior
  6. Decision-making allowing for feelings
  7. Not uncomfortable with silence(can be communicative)
(エドワード・T. ホール著「文化を超えて 」や「沈黙のことば 」参照)


Low and High Context Communication