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Animation of Free Kicks in Soccer 

 無料のMathematica Playerをダウンロードすれば、サッカーのフリーキックをして遊び、そして、その科学を知ることができる"Animation of Free Kicks in Soccer". ボールを思うがままに蹴る技術も、ボールを力いっぱい蹴る場所もない人でも、少し楽しめるかもしれません。

 Fascinated with the way a soccer ball can deviate from a straight trajectory when it has angular velocity (and is subject to the Magnus effect), I have tried to make, as realistically as possible, a model of the free kick in soccer. All elements are taken into account, including placing the ball, the initial velocity (hitting the target is not guaranteed when following the ordinary procedure), choosing a target on the goal, and positioning the kick with "index-velocity" in the advanced procedure.

Animation of Free Kicks in Soccer

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